CareNet Network Accreditation With The Samaritan Institute: Mind, Body, Spirit, Community

In consultation with Dr. Paul A. Bretz, D.Min., LCSW, MHSA, Executive Vice President, The Samaritan Institute

Samaritan InstituteThe CareNet Counseling Network offices are proud to be counted among the nearly 500 Samaritan Center office locations in the United States to receive accreditation every four years. All CareNet centers have recently completed this accreditation while also meeting the standards of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Our clients can be assured that we are following national standards for behavioral healthcare to meet the highest quality standards in mental healthcare. In turn, the Samaritan Institute and its affiliated Centers consider it a privilege to have a relationship with the CareNet network, a national leader in pastoral counseling.

The Samaritan Institute program is the professional association for one of the nation’s largest providers of professional, faith-based outpatient counseling. Since 1972, core organizational elements include:

  • Belief in the close relationship of mind, body, spirit and community, and the importance of all four components in health and wholeness;
  • A multi-disciplinary approach to counseling from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual perspective, including extensive clinical supervision requirements;
  • Commitment to excellence of care with attention to quality improvement through clinical outcome and effectiveness measurement, and quality assurance reviews;
  • Focus on organizational performance improvement and effective allocation of resources to meet community needs;
  • Accessibility of counseling services to clients geographically and economically, as well as accommodating for persons with disabilities;
  • Professional staff members who are accountable through licensure and certification to state regulatory agencies, and professional associations.

The Samaritan Institute strives for its affiliated Centers to be known for services that are high-quality, faith-based and cost-effective.  Fiscal accountability is a key component to the services offered by Samaritan Institute affiliated Centers; collectively they also provide $23 million dollars in discounted services annually.

In addition to accreditation, the Samaritan Institute provides consultation, research, and education to its affiliates.

In regards to consultation, CareNet network directors participate in leadership consultation groups where the directors present case studies of leadership and administration scenarios in order to receive diverse input, share their own experiences, and hear other cases. Additionally, the President and CEO, Rev. R.J. Ross, serves the CareNet network as a primary liaison and attends quarterly Regional Directors meeting.

With education, the Institute provides a new director orientation, other training events, and an annual conference with practical leadership workshops, board development, clinical discussions and insight into any new information relative to this field (i.e. new Federal requirements regarding health care reform and electronic records).

Through research, they are able to share successful business models for the centers –non-profit management, board representation, and requirements for financial review, to name a few. They also provide an online library to create basic resources in essential areas of Samaritan Center organization, management, and development.

Learn more about the Samaritan Institute at

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