CareNet Residency Program: A Win for All Involved

For over three and half years, CareNet, Inc. and CareNet centers have welcomed into their practices residents working towards their licensure.

Dr. Russell Jones, Associate Director of Clinical Training, CareNet, Inc., sees this as a win-win-win for all involved.

A large focus of these residents’ work is serving the people in each community who could not afford insurance or who are underinsured. Each center has client aid funds, provided by local boards, churches and contributors, to subsidize payments. The residency allows the centers to reserve their client aid funds since the counseling residents are not paid through this fund. This is a win for the underserved people of North Carolina when more funds can be allocated to help those in need.

Of course, the residents themselves will grow their skills as counselor. Even more, though, from a faith perspective, they are able interact with people living on the margins of society, the way Jesus instructed us to do. There is a satisfaction of serving in general, and beyond that, a satisfaction of having a chance to serve Christ through folks living on the edge.

Essentially, though, the main emphasis through CareNet is providing training and support to the residents as they “learn to weave their secular psychotherapy skills with the client’s faith and their own faith.” This emphasis is not natural and even seasoned therapists can have a hard time integrating the client’s spirituality.  “Residents will experience that this is not a science – it is an art. CareNet centers are known for practicing this art – creatively, faithfully and professionally.” It is certainly a win for the residents.

Individual CareNet centers and the larger network also win in this program. As the residents interact with the center therapists, they receive mentoring and guidance. CareNet, in turn, is developing therapists who are able to be participants and contribute in the future to this network.

The CareNet Residency Program is a worthy investment on all three fronts: the clients, the residents and the CareNet network. It is a pivotal place to invest in the future of counseling and support CareNet’s mission to provide high quality, faith-integrated counseling and behavioral health services to clients and to be a resource to the community that enhances mental/spiritual health.

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