Development Director has Vision for Expanded Care in Eastern North Carolina

 Brian Allen, director of development for CareNet Fayetteville, who is also assisting CareNet Wilmington and Harnett County locations, has set an ambitious goal for himself. He wants to raise $200,000 for all three centers by June of 2012. And as we all know, that’s a huge task, especially in this economy where mental health is significantly underfunded.

Brian is part of a pilot program for CareNet, Inc. working in the eastern region of our state to raise funds – an area in prime location for development.

His strategy is simple: “We must get in front of key players in the community. In order to develop funds, we must connect and build relationships with important people in each region…and educate them about CareNet.”

So far, he has received cash and pledges from a diversity of donors including banks, community foundations, individuals, congregations, and corporations totaling $64,110. The giving emphasis is split between two focuses: as a fund for care aid for the un/underinsured and for the ministry of each center.

While this figure includes a few significant congregational gifts, there is much improvement to be made. In Fayetteville, only 35 churches give to CareNet, yet there are over 200 churches in the county. And in Fayetteville, CareNet has had a presence since 1975, yet most people do not know what service it provides.

Brian is providing a needed and determined fundraising plan to eastern North Carolina for mental health care through CareNet, Inc. And while he hears the same financial struggles of non-profits everywhere, he is certain this is a worthy investment our donors and supporters will make. As Dr. Steve Scoggin, president of CareNet, Inc. recently said, “ With one in four persons in the U.S. suffering from a mental illness while facing reduced mental health benefits, we are confident donors will see our local CareNet centers as a good investment in the health of their community.”

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  1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.


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