The CareNet Network: We Are All One Body

On November 4, the CareNet network gathered for the first time since 2006 to meet as one network. The emphasis for this meeting grew out of conversations Dr. Scoggin would have as he traveled around the state meeting with the various center board and staff. Each wondered when there would be a chance to meet together again. And for 65 of our 72 network leaders, it was a day of connection and hearing about the direction of the network.

We heard from Dr. Jill Crainshaw who ably led us in a theological reflection model and Dr. Jerry Powell on caring for the military and their families. We connected around lunch and worship. And we affirmed that we are one body, in the process of integrating so that all the parts can communicate and know what others are doing and make a stronger presence in the state.

People are our greatest asset. Everything we do grows out of relationships.

Hear from the Robeson Family Counseling center board president, Larry Sawyer:

The weather was terrible that day, and I remember wondering if this was going to be a worthwhile event.

But, it was.

It gave me a larger perspective of CareNet…and I came away confirming this is genuinely a faith-based organization all the way to the top.

Dr. Scoggin shared parts of himself I have never seen before. I understood that these are people who are not ashamed of their faith, and they know how to integrate it with what they do.

Jerry Powell was a highlight for me, personally. I gained an insight into how life might be [for the military] even in a community that doesn’t have a lot of military connections.

Jill Crenshaw helped me on a personal level to understand how to bring my faith to a younger generation…to take my faith of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and rethink what I believe and how I present it so it is just as vibrant today. 

I came away believing this event was definitely worth my time. 

We look forward to meeting again next year as we continue this annual gathering of the CareNet family.

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