Why I Support CareNet

“I have always anguished over the fact that mental health is the forgotten step-child in North Carolina…it is poorly funded but an essential service.”

Dr. Grover “Chip” Mims is no stranger to CareNet, Inc. In addition to his many years of service on the local Winston-Salem CareNet board, including as president, he has also represented CareNet on the national Samaritan Institute’s board.

When asked why he would give up much of his retirement to serve CareNet, he adamantly responds that this is his way of getting better support for mental health in North Carolina and the nation.

Mental health is a problem in our society. Look at two of your neighbors; one of the three of you is going to need to see a psychologist. We all take turns being stressed beyond our capacity to cope, and this impacts individuals and families.

Mental health is majorly underfunded. Insurance barely covers it, and the state doesn’t if it can get away with it. It is a common medical and societal problem, but no one wants to pay for it.

I want to support organizations like CareNet who provide ‘pay as you can’ services and incorporate the patient’s faith into treatment.

Dr. Mims is excited about new projects from CareNet and the Samaritan Institute like moving counselors into physician practices and working with psychiatric residents for an emphasis on faith-based counseling.

He knows there are ways you can help too: of course, you can give to your local CareNet center and to CareNet, Inc, but also make sure your CareNet center is in your church’s budget, even if they already contribute to another counseling service.

“You can’t give too much money to mental health.”


Give today: 

CareNet, Inc.
2000 W. First St., Suite 410
Winston-Salem, NC 27104
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