CareNet Practicum/Internship Program for Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy

CareNet, Inc. will now standardize the process for internships at all of the centers for MA or Doctoral students with degrees that could lead to state mental health licenses who are interested in spiritually-integrated psychotherapy.

Beginning with those who will start a practicum or internship in Fall 2012, all practicum/intern students will be required to apply through the CareNet corporate office and be screened in a manner similar to our residency recruiting and new clinician hiring processes.

In addition to working through Wake Forest Baptist Health, CareNet has increased the expectations of the students and tightened the standards. The practicum will be geared towards what the students should know before they get into a residency, providing them a foundation from which to draw.

Many in our CareNet centers have engaged students and provided supervision over the years, and we are grateful for their service, both to the organization, and to the profession. Formalizing our educational process distinguishes us from other practicum/internship sites, and improves alignment with Wake Forest Baptist Health as an academic medical center.

Dr. Steve Scoggin comments, “These academic programs are critical for the future of our network. Not only do they connect us with local colleges and universities, but they also provide CareNet the platform to introduce students early to integrating spirituality into the therapy relationship. This holistic approach to care differentiates us from other practicum and intern experiences. Also, for those students who qualify and desire to continue with CareNet in a resident capacity this introduction to faith-sensitive behavioral health care provides them an introduction to spiritually integrated care which is foundational to our residency program.”

Interested parties should contact Bryan Hatcher at or 336-716-0858.

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