The Dragonfly House Children’s Advocacy Center

Children from Davie and Davidson County who are victims of abuse – sexual, violence, witnesses and more – now have a safe place to talk about their experience and receive help. The Dragonfly House in Mocksville, NC, opened in 2011 as a warm, loving place where children could meet for a comprehensive, “one-stop” visit. They will have access to law enforcement, detectives, social workers, therapists and pediatricians and will have their initial story recorded so they do not have to retell it to each department. This multidisciplinary team meets monthly to communicate and collaborate on each case.

When the Dragonfly House opened a year ago, they estimated they would see about 25 children. Instead, over 400 have been seen in just over a year’s time. They are open two days a week and have a new building. They have received grants and special funding to help children who do not receive coverage through insurance.

CareNet counselor Robin Chancer is fulfilling a contract through CareNet with the local social services to provide services for any of these children two days a week. She has seen some as young as five up through teenagers, who all have unique stories to share. There is no other program that Robin knows of that is as special as this one.

The staff at the Dragonfly House is committed to working with their young clients and works as a team.  Their services and dedication to the kids is exceptional.

Robin considers it a privilege to be a part of this “amazing, energetic, and caring staff.” And above all, she knows the kids are receiving extraordinary care.

You can learn more about the Dragonfly House and how you can help at their website:, or contact Robin Chancer at

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