The Importance of Research with Mental Health

Since Dr. Amy Grosso is the new CareNet Research Coordinator, she places a high value on research with mental health. She is happy to report that in following with the recent strategic plan, CareNet is on track to show this emphasis as well.


Amy has been busy since January meeting with different departments at Wake Forest Medical Health to see how CareNet can partner with what research they are already doing. Her strategy is to utilize the resources that are already in the Medical Center. She sees her role as a bridge between the clinicians themselves and the Medical Center.  She also recognizes that CareNet is not as well known as it could be. Her connection with various departments at the Medical Center is great marketing for CareNet.


She is currently working on a joint-project with Wake Forest School of Divinity, the Center for Congregational Health, Wake Forest Baptist Health and the Ministers and Missions Benefits Board to study African-American clergy and congregational health.


CareNet is implementing excellent work with integrated faith counseling. One important aspect of research is being able to show this excellence through the research itself – to validate the work and to help others learn what processes to apply in other settings.


She also sees the benefit of a research mind in a counselor: to be more engaged and able to apply new practices with clients. She knows there are areas the clinicians at CareNet would like to explore; making these connections with groups who are already doing the research will benefit all. CareNet does not intend to create a research department, but rather find partners to work alongside in research.


CareNet is excited to have Amy moving us closer towards the long-term focus of integrated faith, education and research.



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