CareNet Residents Help Fulfill Local Centers’ Mission

Contributed by Dr. Russell Jones, Associate Director of Clinical Training

The five residents in CareNet’s Residency in Psychotherapy and Spirituality made significant contributions to the mission of four CareNet centers during the 2011-2012 fiscal year. Together, these five residents provided almost 2,800 hours of care to uninsured and underinsured clients in their centers.

The impact on those clients, their families, and the communities in which they live and work can not be fully measured. What can be measured, however, is the value and cost to local centers and their boards. Funding 2,800 hours of low-cost care can cost upwards of $160,000 in client-aid funds. Each center, however, contributed $4000 annually to help offset their resident’s stipend. Thus, each $4000 investment in a resident returned over $30,000 in service to the uninsured and underinsured in that center’s community.

CareNet’s five residents are:  Brooke Batts in Wilmington, Jaime Reyes-Gonzalez and Nick DeJesus at the Harnett Center, Robert Willis at the North Wilkesboro Center, and Carleton Irving at the Kernersville and Mocksville Center. CareNet appreciates their work and celebrates their crucial involvement in meeting the needs of their communities. All five will serve another twelve months as residents before graduating from the residency in 2013.

With minimal costs to the local boards, our residents help fulfill CareNet’s mission to provide faith-based counseling to the underserved at a low cost investment.

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