Northwest Community Care Network Grant

 The Northwest Community Care Network (NCCN) is an organized community network of healthcare providers and care managers which partners with other community resources to improve the health and well-being of our Medicaid patients in an appropriate and cost effective manner.  Their job is to find creative ways to improve expenditure of Medicaid dollars, preferably through prevention, rather than by on-going expenses. NCCN wants to provide the absolute care that is most appropriate while utilizing federal funding.

CareNet Counseling, Inc., has received a $25,000 grant renewal through NCCN for the next year to provide a mental health counselor to the adults’ internal medicine clinic at the Downtown Health Plaza (DHP) in Winston-Salem. The DHP is an outpatient medical health clinic that is owned and operated by the Wake Forest Baptist Health system and is strategically located in Winston-Salem to be accessible by those who are generally underserved.  Recent statistics show that 30% of their clientele is 30% on Medicaid, 30% is uninsured, 30% is on Medicare and 10% have private insurance.

There is an assumption that chronic health conditions often have mental health components. Therefore, CareNet is providing a clinician who will be available to consult with the physicians themselves and help them understand their patients. This clinician will also be available to go into the exam rooms themselves, with the physician or on referral as well as be available to meet with clients for traditional therapy. The DHP also has interns who are still in graduate school working towards their MS degree. The clinician will be there to help the interns, make referrals for their work, and be in consultation with them.

The ultimate goal of NCCN is to get the people the resources they need without the patient having to visit the emergency room. Statistics show that it costs the hospital system $1,700 just for an uninsured person to walk through the doors of the emergency room for treatment, not counting whatever costs will accrue from day of the week, treatment needed, etc.

We are happy to announce that Orita McCorkle, M.A. Counseling and M. Divinity, will be working as our new clinician in this roll.  She will spend four days in the DHP clinic and one day in the Mt Airy office.

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