Co-Location and Integrative Behavioral Health

By Dr. Steve Scoggin, President, CareNet, Inc.


As we near the rollout of healthcare reform in 2014, it becomes increasingly important that we position our CareNet network for the changing healthcare model. One strategy will be to co-locate CareNet therapists into primary care pediatric and OB-GYN clinics.


CareNet already has two co-locations: the Downtown Health Plaza in Winston-Salem and the Pembroke Pediatrics Clinic.


Benefits to co-locations include that it is proven to provide the patient with more quality patient care, it can reduce patient costs and it positions CareNet to be a part of medical homes.  Additionally, as the reimbursement system changes, it will be increasingly important that we have relationships with primary care facilities.


This model allows for ease of referral and a more integrated approach to medical care, acknowledging that close to a third of primary care appointments have a behavioral health component.


This is the first step toward a more integrated care approach where the clinician becomes an integral part of the medical visit.






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