New Satellite Center in Jacksonville

With contributions from Wilmington Center Regional Director Jan Storey

Wilmington CareNet Counseling Center opened a new satellite center in Jacksonville, NC, on September 10, 2012.

Jacksonville should be a prime location for a new CareNet center due to the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune located there. There are few services available in the Onslow County area, particular for the servicemen and servicewomen who are facing issues common to military service and deployment (such as PTSD and family-related issues) and for the family members who may struggle as well. Wilmington CareNet is seeking to provide an additional resource for active service members and their families, as well as for veterans who continue to need support.

Jan Storey, Wilmington CareNet Counseling Center regional director, responds, “As I visit pastors at local area churches, I receive consistent responses that they have limited options for referring members who need support.”

The initial location of this satellite center will be in the New River Baptist Association complex. For the time being, they will be open every other Monday with marriage and family therapist Tim Smith providing counseling services. Mr. Storey confirms that it is very appropriate to have Mr. Smith serving at this new location, as he also works full time at the Naval Hospital on base, is a retired veteran and is the current president of the North Carolina Marriage and Family Therapy Association.

The next phase for the center, once the number of clients served increases, is to establish an auxiliary board to provide fundraising support. Eventually additional counseling staff will be added, along with administrative support staff as needed.

Mr. Storey emphasizes, “We didn’t want to wait any longer to open this center. The need is so great right now.”

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