Telepsychiatry/Behavioral Health Initiative

“Across the country, there is an increasing shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas,” shares CareNet, Inc. president, Dr. Steve Scoggin. “Coupled with this, there are fewer young people entering medical school. Due to this shortage, the medical profession is gently turning to telemedicine for medical solutions. When it comes to behavioral health, there is a dramatic shortage of psychiatrists to provide services in rural areas. Thus, CareNet will soon be partnering with a group in California to provide patient dispositions in emergency rooms of patients who come with mental health complaints. The medium for the dispositions will be telemedicine, where a therapist is connected remotely to an ER in another location via a secure Internet connection.”


Emergency rooms will be targeted since they are the entry point of the hospital system for many patients who are in crisis. They are often unequipped to deal in particular with psychiatric emergencies.  The goal for CareNet is to assist the ER in patient dispositions and making the appropriate referrals, possibly to one of our CareNet clinics.


CareNet is in the process of talking with a couple of hospitals for this seven-day-a-week, around the clock on-call system, using CareNet therapists. The hope is that once the program has been piloted, it can be replicated in other CareNet communities across the state.



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