Changes to the CareNet Intern Program

CareNet has historically been a training location through its residency program for students who want to become pastoral counselors or what we now label “faith integrated counseling and psychotherapy.”


Up until July of 2012, each CareNet center found its own interns and followed its own procedures of hiring and supervision. The CareNet administrative office has now formalized that process. Interested students apply through the administrative office instead of the local center. This allows for a statewide knowledge of which centers have interns and who they are. This process also provides more supervision and direction for the interns themselves and the program. One result of this centralized process is tighter standards for which academic programs and accredited schools students must be enrolled. Additionally, interns will now have approved supervisors with licensure.


This year, we have 15 interns located across the state and from a variety of accredited schools including Wake Forest, University of North Carolina, Appalachian State, UNC Charlotte, Gardner-Webb, Campbell, Walden, Regent, Asbury Seminary, Baylor, East Carolina, and UNC Greensboro. These interns are graduate students who are meeting a requirement for clinical hours for academic credit. Some of them will apply for the residency program when they have completed graduation.


Interns allow CareNet to expand its capacity to serve the uninsured and underinsured population of North Carolina. The local boards raise money to scholarship those situations, and then CareNet can increase its capacity to serve that population through residents and interns. For further information, please contact Bryan Hatcher, Director of Center Development and Education, at 336-716-0858 or

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