Changes to the CareNet Residency in Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Dr. Russell Jones, the director of clinical training for CareNet Counseling, is excited to announce two important changes to the residency program.

Previously when CareNet has taken in a new group of residents, there is an understanding that they will be the only group for a two-year cycle. For example, because a group began in 2013, the next group would start in 2015.  We now, however, have an intention of plan that CareNet will begin a new group the following year in 2014 as well, which represents an expansion of the residency program. This will allow us to meet the training needs of potential residents every year. Each group of residents will still have two years in the program.

In addition to making changes that allow us to expand the training program and the service delivery to local communities, CareNet will also try to make the residency more financially sustainable. Because we will eventually have 10-12 residents in any given year, some of these positions will be part-time, instead of all full-time positions. This adjustment allows someone who is in another full-time job (like working in a group home or intensive in-home setting) but still wants to learn faith-integrated counseling and have the opportunity to train with us.

Drawing on the fifty-plus years of the pastoral counseling tradition and integrating cutting-edge models, CareNet provides one of the few residency programs in the country where masters or doctorate graduates can receive training in faith-integrated counseling. This practical program allows the resident counseling work as well as academic continuing education while working toward licensure as marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, certified pastoral counselors and more.

Another benefit to the program is to the local center. The residency program provides services to the uninsured and underinsured in these communities at a greatly reduced cost to the center.

Applications for the next residency group, beginning July 2013, are due by February 15, 2013. Interviews will occur in March 2013 and invitations to the residency will be issued in April 2013. For additional information, or to request an application, please contact Dr. Russell Jones at (336) 409-1844 or You can also contact the director of your local CareNet center for more information.

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