Dr. Scoggin to Present at the ACMHA: The College for Behavioral Health Leadership

The mission of ACMHA: The College for Behavioral Health Leadership is to be a convener of diverse and emerging leaders concerned with mental health and substance abuse policy and practice from across the country. Their goal is to identify and address complex issues of emergent importance, promote best and evidence-based practices, be a broker for ideas that contribute to the evolution of behavioral health outcomes, promote leadership development and provide education, networking, etc.

On April 4, Dr. Steve Scoggin will present an exemplar on “Mobilizing Religious Assets to Improve Community:”

“As we enter World II of healthcare it will be increasingly important to develop new collaborations in communities that will improve health while lowering cost. The faith community has a long history of engaging health disparities, access and affordability through building hospitals and clinics to serve communities. The intelligence and religious assets of these communities are powerful tools that are addressing the Triple Aim.


In this conversation we will identify those leadership qualities and actions that open up faith communities to the windows of behavioral healthcare. Developing webs of trust that appeal to the instincts and intelligence of faith communities can expand access to services, quality, improve health management, and affordability. This model of leading will invite leaders to the boundaries by creating partnerships with religious communities whose intelligence and assets contribute to improved agency. The model is supported by research and is being replicated in other communities.”


With the Affordable Care Act as a backdrop and with CareNet’s history of connection with faith communities, Dr. Scoggin will address the group around how to mobilize religious assets to improve community health. Usually there has been a large separation between behavioral health and religion. CareNet capitalizes on this synergy.


“Good mental health is about people becoming whole; our role is to address people’s brokenness and fragmentation, by not just them coming to the CareNet center but also by fostering other support, of which the faith community is key. People heal better in community, not in isolation,” Dr. Scoggin explained.


This event connects CareNet to a larger, national network of behavioral health leaders in a variety of contexts and settings that can help us think strategically about the delivery of behavioral health as it relates to policy and the unfolding of the Affordable Care Act.  It will be a win-win relationship that will connect CareNet with networks that can assist us in our thinking about expanding access to care in light of new healthcare policy.


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