Second Annual School and Community Event To Stop Bullying In the Works

CareNet Counseling of Winston-Salem is gearing up for the second year of their annual anti-bullying event.


It will be held Saturday, October 12 at the Winston-Salem Dash BB&T baseball park.

They will again have the all-community walk against bullying and then have a program that focuses on ways to help kids and adults understand how to reduce the incidences of bullying as well as education and workshops to help children of different age groups deal with bullying.


A new concept will be discussed: “verbal judo,” or verbal self-defense, which teaches children how to stand up for themselves to stop bullying. Verbal Judo has been taught to police officers over the years to help deescalate violent people.


“As a mom, I was not very good at these things when my children were little. I remember telling my kids, if you get bullied, just ignore them or turn the other cheek, which seemed like the right thing to do. But it’s really not the best thing to stop or prevent bullying because you can be perceived as weak and you may even end up being bullied more.  Standing up for yourself with a strong stance both physically and verbally can be very effective if you are taught how to do it correctly.”

Barbara Saulpaugh, CareNet Counseling regional director


The schools and community have really embraced this project. Along with CareNet Counseling, they all hope these annual events will help educate others on how to stop bullying. Watch for more information at

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