Weight Management Clinic

Obesity is about more than extra pounds. It’s a complex medical problem that requires a serious treatment plan. The Weight Management Clinic at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, located in Winston Salem, provides patients with real options so they find the best program for their lifestyle and weight loss goals.[1]



Anyone who desires weight loss and would like medical support can find it at the Weight Management Clinic. They currently offer two programs: the By Design Optifast for those who need to lose more than 50 pounds and the By Design Essentials for those interested in losing less than 50 pounds.


The Weight Management Clinic has a psychologist and counselors on staff who specialize in helping people overcome the barriers that stop them from eating well and being active. Their behavioral approach uses counseling in group and individual sessions, and with this support, they help the patients build skills that keep them successful long-term. [2]


CareNet currently provides two counselors to this center: Adrienne Reich, LPC and LCAS, who spends two half days helping clients, and Monica Corbitt Rivers, PhD.


Our counselors primarily focus on two aspects: individual consultations with patients around their behavioral goals in weight management and weight loss and group sessions that involve some psycho-education and group processing. Adrienne Reich is also working on a third component to write curriculum for a new program containing around 25 weight management topics with theory, pointers, tips, etc.


At the Weight Management Center, I help patients gain insight into what they need to do to not only get the weight off but to keep it off long term.  Many of the patients have been in weight loss programs before and reached their goal weight but have gained it back as they fall into old patterns of behavior.  My job as one of the behaviorist is to help them identify what patterns of behavior they need to break such as eating when they are stressed, bored, lonely, or as a reward after a long day and help them learn what else to do during those time.  I also help patients learn how to eat healthy at restaurants as well as how to navigate social situations since food is such a big part of birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, and other celebrations.

Adrienne Reich

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  1. Paul Hugger

     /  June 26, 2013

    I am interested in the weight management clinic…please provide dates, times, location, and cost. Thanks, Paul Hugger phugger@wilkesregional.com


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